Review: Lipo Cavitation Treatment at CRES Wellness

I’ve always wondered on how slimming treatments work. Like, is it that easy to be slim and firm with just machines and stuff? But then again, they usually cost a ton of cash so yeap they prolly work right? Last weekend I had the chance to try it out for myself when CRES Wellness extended an invite to me to try their latest No Pain Lipo Cavitation Treatment which is a form of slimming treatment and hell yeahhhhh I was excited.



  • What’s Lipo Cavitation Treatment

Latest no pain but instantly effective technology for body shaping treatment which is highly and visibly effective for weight loss management but it is the “must have” for to get rid of flabby arms, tummy.

Cavitation technology utilizes strong sound waves of 40 KHZ to vibrate the fat cells vigorously, creating expanding air bubbles inside the fat cells that eventually disrupt and blast down the fat cell membrane. This is further decomposed into glycerol and free fatty acid that is channeled out via the body lymph drainage system.

  • The treatment 


I chose two parts of my body which are my tummy and arms. Measurements were taken down at marked areas prior to the treatment for comparison so it’s legit. The treatment was done in 3 steps for each body part:

For arms: Massage with oil > Vacuum Quadripole RF machine > Firming Multipolar RF machine

For tummy: Cooling gel > Ultrasound machine > Firming Multipolar RF machine

Initially the suction machine was a little uncomfortable and ticklish for me but after that it was all fine. For a slimming treatment with no extreme measures or pain, the results were pretty impressive.

All piercings must be taken out during the treatment so if you just got yourself pierced and cant remove your studs yet, hold up.


  • Post Treatment & Results

The treatment was very quick and fuss free and not uncomfortable which I absolutely appreciate. It took around an hour to get everything done and then comes the best part. The measurement AFTER the treatment. Each of my arms decreased by 1cm and my tummy was down 3 cm! o.o say whaaaaatttt.

I honestly was shocked because I didn’t expect much but super stoked to say the least. In terms of firmness, my arms didnt feel as “tight” as my tummy but my arms are super flabby to begin with so yeah maybe it will take a couple more treatments to make it firm or just exercise? haha.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Lipo Cavitation Treatment because I went in there with no expectations and they even told me that the results might not be obvious on me coz of my figure but there you go.. 5 cm, just like that in one hour 🙂

  • Upcoming promotion for Lipo Cavitation Treatment @ CRES Wellness!

If you need a quick fix and wanna try this treatment out, lucky you coz they’re having promotions!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAlso, in conjunction with the 12th Anniversary Celebration,  a CRES 12th Anniversary event that will be held at all CRES Wellness outlets nationwide (except for Penang) on 1st and 2nd August 2015.

Registration will be done online at the website and the event is FREE FOR ALL with plenty of food, fun and games with product and voucher giveaways. Also, visitors can redeem a FREE Lipo Cavitation Part Treatment (ONE session per visitor) with any CRES facial when they bring along their e-invitation card on both days of the CRES 12th Annniversary event.

Cres_12th anni_E-inv#5735C6 Cres_12th anni_FB Ba#571EC8So i’m ending this post with a big fat thanks to CRES Wellness for letting me try out this treatment. Was definitely something new but also something I enjoyed! xx

11221534_10206660434930078_7572294166816121519_nFor more info: Visit CRES Wellness website at or follow their instagram page for upcoming promos @creswellness

Thanks for reading guys ❤



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