Review: Carbon Laser Peel @ Idos Clinic

I’ve never done repetitive review on my blog before but I just need to share this again because my Instagram post about it just wouldnt suffice. Back in November 2014, I did a very in depth post on this Carbon Laser Peel which I will link at the end of this post so I wont go into much detail this time.


Carbon Peel Laser provides instant cleansing, brightening and rejuvenating to your skin.

This treatment is by far the best treatment I’ve tried that gives such instantaneous results that even my parents notice right after I left the clinic. It doesn’t make your face PEEL or anything like that so dont fret. No downtime too which means you don’t have to wait a couple days for it to “heal” or what not. The only post treatment maintenance that you need to do is to apply moisturizing mask (sheet/sleeping masks) as it can get a little dry from the heat.

It might also cause tinyyy bumps if your skin was real congested before treatment. It pushes out all impurities and at the same time lighten the scars on my face. The layer of carbon that is applied will make the laser work a lot better and penetrate deeper into the skin. It takes about half an hour to get things done and for me, its not at all painful but maybe i’m used to it coz I’ve done this 3 times.

IMG_9374I honestly cannot rave enough on how awesome this laser treatment is for my skin and how my skin looks and feel after that. I wish you could touch my face. And also, all facial hair will be bleached and your face will look so much clearer after that which is the best part for me. I personally dislike facial hair on me haha.

IMG_9372Dr Gan is perfect for this because he pays attention to detail and will never miss a spot. He will go an extra mile for you!

IMG_8852Carbon Laser Peel will do your skin good if you have hyper pigmentation, congested, acne prone skin or if you just feel like improving the overall appearance of your skin. It is rm400 per session at Idos Clinic and if you guys wanna try it out, you can get rm100 off by clicking HERE and filling in your details.

My previous post on Carbon Laser Peel : click HERE

Idos Clinic website: click HERE

Make an appointment: click HERE

I cant thank Idos Clinic enough for helping my skin condition. I owe my skin to you guys hahaha <3. Thanks for reading everyone!



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