Review: Givenchy Le Rouge Lip Stick

My heart literally sank when I got this parcel in the mail. Because obviously the packaging murdered me. I love anything black but leather? and studs? I die. The two shades that were sent to me are 202 Rose Dressing and 302 Hibiscus Exclusif.

So first a little intro on Givenchy Le Rouge Lip Stick:


A Semi Matte Lipstick. More than a lipstick, the new accessory for women’s lips. The first lipstick in genuine leather, soft and supple to the touch, for a sensual feeling. A real small leather goods accessory for a woman to have in her bag. Semi-matte finish. Intense colors in one stroke. Long lasting results. Perfectly defined lips.
  • Packaging



I have to admit that I would’ve gotten this lipstick just for the packaging itself. It’s in genuine black leather case featuring metallic studs on the side. I just cant deal. It’s a little heavy but very sterdy and not to mention looks pretty damn good in the makeup bag or on the vanity. Right? 😀

  • Color payoff, Finish & Scent


What you see in the tube is exactly what you get on your lips. One layer of this gem will give you a full on opaque lip color. Swatched, it looks a little glossy but over time, it gets a little more matte.. a little odd for a lipstick but yeah. There’s no offensive scent to this lipstick and I really appreciate that coz nothing bothers me more than a highly fragrance lip product.


  • Overall

I think we can all agree that when it comes to lipsticks it’s all about how comfortable they wear on the lips and whether or not it gets onto your teeth and how long it actually lasts. So I’ve been trying these out and here’s what I think.

Needless to say, I adore the packaging and the colors are gorgeous. The quality is definitely up there, it feels and wear like a high end lipstick (I mean come on, it’s Givenchy haha). The best part for me is that these does not dry my lips out whatsoever. Thank god, because that would’ve been a complete deal breaker for me no matter how pretty they are.

It leaves like a velvety feel and its incredibly comfortable on my dry lips. It doesnt bleed at all so although the colors are bright, I still feel confident wearing these without being paranoid that it will go all over my face haha. In terms of longevity, they dont last all day and if you eat and stuff, it will wear off, not completely but you will definitely need to reapply. I dont see a problem in that though, coz the packaging is so gorgeous I’d be more than happy taking it out with me :p

So if you’re in the market for a new lipstick, you might wanna check these out at Sephora/ Givenchy counters. It retails at RM130 each ❤

Thanks for reading babes! xx





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