Review: Full Face Simple Makeup with Laneige

So a while back, I attended the Laneige BB Cushion Beauty Roadshows in the North Court MidValley Megamall with other beauty bloggers from Butterfly Project Malaysia. And as usual, it was massive fun learning tips and tricks of Korean Makeup from a legit Makeup Artist that Laneige brought over all the way from Korea.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe were face to face with Korean supermodel Hwang Se-on … needless to say she made me feel shitty bout myself for a bit looking at how perfect she was top to toe and ofcourse her smooth porcelain glowy skin! Hahaha.

I’ve been trying out a box of Laneige goodies that I got from the event to do this review for you and complete a makeup look using these products all in one post. I hope you like it and here goes 🙂

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI have actually done a full in depth review of this product back in February and you can read about it HERE (it’s a long one). I wont go in too deep on this one because we all know the hype around BB Cushions right now and this is the only one I’ve tried and I love it. This was the products that Hwang Se-on said that she kept in her purse for on the go touch ups because it’s easy and it doesnt get cakey.

IMG_1296 (1)-horzCompared to liquid foundations and what not, BB Cushions are way faster and it’s real convenient for getting ready in the morning. All you need to do it pat the sponge on your face and there’s close to no blending needed to get a flawless look.

The coverage this gives is definitely a medium to full. Faded acne scars are covered instantly. Now that my skin is more normal to dry after being on Oratane pills, this gives a healthy look to my skin  which I appreciate now more than ever because it isnt a matte finish if I dont set it with powder.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESConcealers are my thing. I can tell upon the first use whether or not I like it and this one, I adore which is quite surprising coz I’m very picky when it comes to concealers. If you’ve tried Laneige BB Cushion and loved the coverage, you’ll love this one especially if you have dark hyper pigmentation, new acne scars or dark circles to cover. It’s like a more pigmented version of the BB Cushion.

It comes in a “pen form” where you need to press the top of it to get the product out at the sponge tip. Some may love this concept and others may not but it doesn’t bother me as much because all I care about is the actual product and this one delivers!

It covers my acne scars instantly and it’s also hydrating enough to be used under the eyes. It does not budge if you set it with powder. I go in with the BB Cushion first and spot conceal with this concealer to get a flawless finish. I’m superrrr impressed with this concealer because it exceeded my expectations in terms of coverage and lasting power. Thumbs up!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMy makeup will always feel incomplete and flat-looking without highlighters so I was super stoked to try this one out. This was the first of it’s kind that I’ve tried, a highlighter in a cushion form that comes with the exact same sponge like the BB Cushion, only smaller.

The shade of this highlighter leans towards pink tone but it doesnt show up pink on the skin. With this product, I find that it’s better if you go in lightly and build it up to avoid looking like a disco ball. Since it is a liquid highlighter, you can apply it with the sponge onto your cheekbones and go in with your fingers to blend.

That sheen is real people I love it!

IMG_1302Also, it took me a while to get used to applying it with the sponge because it was a little hard for me to get a precised application like for the top of my cheekbones but after a while, I got the hang of it so no biggie. I love the glow that it gives my skin coz it makes my skin look so healthy, so fresh and it lasts all day at the places that I apply it.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFirst I would like to apologize for the photo because I did not open the other end of the product which has a black sponge on it, silly me. So here’s a photo of it from Google.

cushion_tintThis product is a 2-in1 where you can use it for your lips and also your cheeks. Personally, I will never use a lip product on my cheeks if it’s in a stick form like this unless it’s a beauty emergency haha. I dont know why but the thought of it bothers me 😦 So I’ll be reviewing this only as a lip product ok? Dont hate me :p

This product was designed to make it easier for us to create the famous gradient lips thats all over Korea now by using the sponge tip of the product to smudge and sheer out the lip color. The pigmentation of this lip color is unreal. Just one layer and you get such great color payoff. I was actually shocked at how bright it was the first time I applied it that I had to use the sponge to blend it out I guess that’s why it’s there too haha.

It’s not drying and the finish isnt matte but isn’t shiny either. Somewhere in between. It’s also pretty long lasting if you dont eat any oily food but the packaging is so slim that you can throw in your purse for touch ups throughout the day anyway.

– – – – – –

All Laneige products on my face except for the brows,mascara and blush. I used the BB Cushion for the base, Watery Cushion Concealer for scars and dark circle, Cushion Highlighter on my cheekbones and K Secret Cushion Tint on the lips.

IMG_1308And here I am again, all impressed with Laneige. I dont know how they do it but never once they disappoint me be it in the skincare or makeup department! Thank you Butterfly Project for this opportunity and Laneige for the awesome goodies!

Thank you all for reading xx



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