Review: CRES Wellness Reversal 24 Therapy

If you haven’t heard of CRES Wellness, they are a beauty center where you can get facial and other beauty treatments done and when it comes to facial, they only use Cellnique products which is their in house skincare brand.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhen I was in high school, I had like skin issues, (you know puberty and all) so mom signed me up for a facial package at Cellnique and I was using all of their products. So when CRES contacted me to try out their new Reversal 24 Therapy, I agreed because I’ve had good experience in the past with Cellnique products.

  • Reversal 24 Therapy


Promises to restore skin elasticity, reduces lines & wrinkles & increase firmness! The Reversal 24 Therapy is specially formulated for those facing aging skin, sagging problems, fine lines and dull-looking skin problems by providing touchable and visible results within a month of usage.

The three steps of our Reversal 24 Therapy consists of the

1) Precision Lift & Firm Concentrate which is proven to further enhance the synthesis of collagen for increased skin elasticity & improved firmness,

2)Precision Lift & Firm Serum, the revolutionary lift-up essential in every anti-aging skincare routine that protects and revitalizes dermal cells and diminishes pre-mature wrinkles and other signs of skin aging which is finally followed by

3) Precision Lineless Essence Masque that is incorporated with a unique anti-wrinkle Botox alternative to smoothen and reverse  the appearance and formation of expression lines and wrinkles.

  • The Treatment

After removing all my makeup, they provided me with a skin analysis where they check the pores of your skin, the wrinkles, the acne level and stuff. Mine was all jacked up coz of Oratane pills that I’m taking haha.

IMG_2496I have done facials in the past but nothing this thorough, honestly. There were so many steps and so many massages involved and I felt absolutely pampered. Let me break it down for you:

  • The Steps

Head Massage > Facial Cleanse > Facial Toner > Bio Mask (for peeling) > Facial Toner >

D Lotion to soften blackheads with cold steamer (to avoid dryness) > Extraction >

Brow Shaping > Facial Toner > Crystal Liner Serum > Precision Lift&Firm Black Cream Mask >

Scalp Massage > Cleanse > Facial Toner > Concentrate > Lifting Serum > Soothing Mask >

Pressure Point Massage (was so good I fell asleep HAHAHA) > Sheet Mask >

Body Massage > Lifting Serum > Repair Emulsion

IMG_2486I personally find that all Cellnique products are very gentle on my skin and no matter what they pile on, I never get any tingling or burning sensation. It was a very relaxing experience especially because it was a nice blend between face treatments and massage. Out of all the facials I’ve done, this was definitely my favorite because they execute each steps very carefully and the pressure point massage was just.. on point haha.

It is advised to carry on with face masks or sleeping masks for the next 3 days after facial to obtain the full results from the treatment so I packed on a thick layer of my holy grail Laneige Sleeping Mask as my post treatment care.

Immediately after the facial, my skin seriously felt crazy smooth as it should be and looked brighter and more luminous than usual. Even my mom noticed haha. After all the steps that were taken, I expected nothing less than clear glowing skin. I got it done in the evening and carried on with my usual night time skin care routine.

Day after treatment

IMG_2495The day after the treatment, my skin feels so hydrated, looks so much clearer and just feels way better to the touch than before. Makeup goes on so smoothly coz of the hydration. Also, the extraction that was done got rid of so much of my blackheads. I’m left with uncongested skin yay. As for firming and lifting, I dont see a huge difference because things like that usually need more than just a one time session but overall, my skin looks and feels healthier. I’m satisfied to say the least. 

Thank you CRES Wellness for this facial, I reallyyyy enjoyed it. If you guys wanna try this treatment out, it is priced at rm288 per session BUT I have a link for you to get the chance to try this out for only RM118 for first trial. All you have to do is click HERE and fill in your details 🙂

Cres_E-Voucher R24 Therapy

For more info: Visit CRES Wellness website at or follow their instagram page for upcoming promos @creswellness

Thanks guys for being here! xx




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