My Updated Morning Skincare Routine

Hi! I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post on my skincare routine and recently, like I’ve mentioned a hundred times before my skin transitioned from oily to normal/dry and I’ve changed up my skincare routine a little bit to fit my current skin type. This routine is by far my favorite morning routine ever. 

It’s a constant battle to find the right and perfect products that will work on my skin because I’m not blessed with perfectly normal balanced skin and I’m glad I have this current routine and I’d like to share them with you because it took me a long time to get here, a place of skincare satisfaction HAHA. Let’s get into it.


Cleansing is something that I’ll never ever skip no matter how clean my skin feels in the morning. I skip my Clarisonic and just cleanse my skin with my hands using the Laneige Moisture Foam Cleanser. I’m on my second one and I really like this cleanser coz it cleans my skin really well, doesn’t strip any moisture off my face and the foam that it forms is just nice. The perfect basic cleanser.

This is hands down my favorite as a toner. It’s so gentle and moisturizing and it preps my skin so well for serums and moisturizers. I take this on a cotton pad and just swipe it around my face. Full review on this toner HERE


Since my skin is on the drier side, this ampoule is just what I need. It gives my skin the extra boost of hydration and makes my makeup apply like a dream. It gets rid of any dry patches and any tight or dry feeling that you may have in the morning. Full review on this HERE.


I have been using the Brightening Serum for about 3 weeks now and how I wish I tried this sooner. This serum is water based so it isn’t oily or sticky and it sinks in so fast which makes it a breeze to use in the morning before makeup. It makes my skin so soft and hydrated and don’t even get me started on how big of a difference it made on my skin. Full review coming soon! Recently, I alternate between the Brightening Serum (yellow) and the Customized My Daily Dose (pink) and I love them both. I totally get the hype on these serums after using them and the results definitely justifies the price tag. More info HERE.


For moisturizer, I use this baby right here. I rave about this to everyone I know. This facial oil is everything to me. 2-3 drops of it is all I need to make my face look plump and feel hydrated throughout the day. The best part is that it makes my makeup blend into my skin so well and look so good all day on my dry skin! You know how sometimes makeup can look overly cakey on dry skin especially if you apply foundation, concealer and powder? This facial oil fixes that situation. I cannot get enough. Full review HERE.


  • SPF : MedKare Pro White Sunscreen/ MedKare Pro Youth Sunscreen

This is Idos Clinic‘s in house skincare brand and it was given to me a while back to try out and I have been using this even more so when my skin got dry. I take a pump of it to complete my skincare routine. It’s SPF 30, doesn’t clog my pores or make me oily and that’s all I want in my sunscreen. Full review HERE.


This eye cream is meant for the night time use but I use it in the day time anyway because I rebel. HAHA. Personally I feel that it isn’t too heavy for me and it doesnt disturb my makeup. I love this eye cream coz the consistency if just perfect for me. It gets the job done.

I never neglect my lips especially now that I’m on Oratane and my lips get so dry throughout the day, this saves my lips. These two moisturizes so well preventing my lips from cracking.

I usually use Algenist one first thing in the morning coz it’s more of a thicker consistency and I throw in the Fresh Sugar into my bag and reapply whenever I need it. It has a pink tint to it so it gives color to my lips too.

So that’s it for my morning skincare routine. I do this every single morning even when I’m staying home because the only way for skincare to work is by being consistent with it and I take my skincare very seriously because of all the makeup I pile on everyday hahaha.

I hope this post is somewhat helpful to you and as always, thank you for reading xx



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