Review: Skin Inc Get Glowin’ Set

Helllllllo there. Im so psyched to finally write this post because you know that I try a ton of skincare and you’ve no idea how happy and excited I get when skincare products really show visible results on my skin. I have been raving bout this set to my mom, Doly and Erecca and now I’m gonna rave to you :p

I got this set when I went to the Sephora Holiday Collection Preview Event (full post HERE) when Elaine (from Skin Inc Singapore) was super generous to give me this set to take home and try and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past one month, trying this set out religiously. The only product that I’ve ever tried from Skin Inc was their Pure Revival Peel that also comes in this set and that was a godsend.

This is their Limited Edition Get Glowin’ set that has just been released recently for the holidays and in this set, you get 3 products that will help you to get brighter glowing skin and I’m gonna share my thoughts on all of the products so shall we?


I have tried a whole tube of this in the past so I already know that I like it. Pure revival peel is basically a non abrasive peel that exfoliates dead skin cells off your face. It’s a clear gel that you apply onto your skin and then massage it in circular motion and you’ll literally see all the dead skin coming off. The white stuff you see in the photo are my dead skin .. so gross but I gotta show you that it works.

It’s just a gel and not your typical facial scrub with beads so its very gentle on the skin. Even when my skin was sensitive and filled with breakouts, this doesn’t hurt or irritate my skin whatsoever. No joke, I get smooth silky skin every single time after I use this. I sometimes use this in the morning too and damn, my makeup goes on so perfectly so what’s not to like? Sounds perfect to me 😀


The star of the show. If you’ve never heard of Skin Inc, they’re basically known for their Custom Blended Serums which is a blend of 3 targeted serums created based on your skin’s personal needs be it for wrinkles, hydration, brightening you name it, they have it. (more info click HERE).

So in this set, they’ve included a brightening serum with a blend of Vitamin A, Chlorella and Hyaluronic Acid. The best part bout this serum is that it can be used under the eyes for dark circles too. Long story short, I AM OBSESSED. It doesnt have any scent to it whatsoever and it sinks in almost immediately without any tacky residue because it’s water based. I’ve been using this twice a day everyday for a month now and to say that I am impressed, is an understatement.

A month after using Skin Inc’s Brightening Serum (no makeup)

IMG_5064-horzThis baby has helped my skin tremendously from the hydration, the pigmentation and dullness. My skin is way more glowy and healthy looking now that I myself cannot believe it HAHAHA. I’m so glad I got to try this out and the result’s so satisfying I’m so happy!


This is one of the most highly raved product from Skin Inc. Although it’s a whitening mask, it’s not drying and it’s gentle enough to be used daily but I dont use it daily la huh.. coz I sayang it hahah. You only need to put this on for 10 minutes and you’ll have instantly brighter skin I’m not even kidding.

I tried to take a before and after shot but the difference isn’t as obvious on camera as it is in person. You can always head over to Sephora and apply it at the back of your hand to see the magic!

I feel that my skin looks glowy even with makeup on and that’s a first

IMG_3680So yeah guys, that’s everything that I wanna say bout this amazing set that has basically transformed my skin. Once again I’d like to say a huge thank you to Elaine from Skin Inc Singapore for letting me try out this set coz it did wonders for me. I wasn’t asked to write a whole review on this set but I genuinely think it’s good and I wanna share it with you guys.

This set is RM374 and you can get it at Sephora. It’s limited edition so hurry if you wanna try this out because I think it’s worth it. Thank you guys for reading! xx

Skin Inc Website:



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