Review: Undereye Filler & Botox at Idos Clinic

Hello ALL! If you follow my Snapchat you’ve seen clips of me at Idos Clinic “getting my eyes done” and stuff and if you dont have me on there, I’m here to fill you in on what I did to my face. I’ve gotten my nose done previously at Idos Clinic (full post HERE) and by that, I mean I got them injected with fillers to add like a little more “bridge” on my nose. At Idos Clinic its all about beauty with no knives so there’s no slicing into me or anything brutal like that. It’s all jabs of fillers.

I absolutely adored the results of my nose fillers that I decided to get rid of the hollowness underneath my eyes. I have deep set eyes and its hereditary (my dad’s arab) so I thought why not try this method to reduce it and at the same time, I can review it for you guys. Win win haha.

The procedure’s basically the same as nose fillers where they will cleanse your face, apply numb cream and let that kick in for about half an hour or so, and then inject the fillers into the targeted areas on your face. The only difference is that the filler that was used under my eyes is a “softer” kind compared to the nose filler but it was still hyaluronic acid which is safe for our bodies.

  • The Procedure

IMG_5687By the time the needle was in my face, I was so numb that I felt almost nothing. ALMOST. I still felt the initial puncture that the needle made but after that it was a breeze. Although I’ve been through it before, it will forever be nerve wrecking to lie there waiting for the needles to poke me but the pain was bearable. I was told that I have quite a high pain tolerance so mmm yeah HAHAH.

Dr Gan also decided to inject a very low dosage of botox to relax the muscles underneath my eyes so that when I smile, there will be no eye bags. That also helped with the wrinkles and fine lines that I had. YAAAAAAS! The botox jabs were painless I didn’t even feel a thing.

The injection point: The needle went through the top of my cheekbones directly underneath my eyes.

IMG_5710The injection points bruised for a couple of days and there was also a bit of swelling but nothing obvious. I still went to work the next day and nobody noticed.

  • Final Results

These fillers are not permanent and they last for about 6-12 months depending on how your body absorbs hyaluronic acid. It’s definitely a quick fix for those who needs it. It doesn’t feel weird or “heavy” and I feel completely normal with the fillers underneath my eyes.

So here’s the final results. I for one am VERY PLEASED AND IMPRESSED to say the least. I mean… look at the difference. The filler basically filled in the hollow and sunken parts underneath my eyes and makes it look more full and even. VERY satisfied. 

Generally, it makes me look less tired and haggard. Please excuse the burn on my forehead seriously -.-


IMG_5604Thank you Idos Clinic for sponsoring this treatment and for the excellent service as always! In case you were wondering, I go to their Kota Damansara (sunway giza) branch and everyone there is amazing 🙂

If you guys wanna try this or any other treatments from Idos Clinic, you can get RM100 off if you click HERE (t&c apply). Eye Filler treatment is priced at RM1700 and Eye Botox is RM650. 

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Idos Clinic Website :

Thanks for reading guys! xx




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