My Updated Night Time Skincare Routine

Since I’ve shared my morning skincare routine with you (full post HEREit wouldn’t be complete if I dont share my night time routine. At night is when I layer my skincare because that’s when I really incorporate targeted treatments for my skin. Let em all soak in and do their magic while I sleep. All these products work so well for my skin right now which is normal/dry. It’s gonna be a long one so lets go.


  • First Cleanse: Bioderma

I put on makeup almost everyday so as much as I love putting it on, taking it off is the second best part of my day. Bioderma is my favorite makeup remover. I put some on cotton pads and just take my makeup off with it. This gets all traces of makeup off my face even waterproof eye makeup without hurting my eyeballs so I love it.

For the real cleanse, I use the Laneige Moisture Foam Cleanser with my Clarisonic Mia 2. I’ve been using Clarisonic for close to 2 years now every single night without fail unless its charging and it has changed my cleansing game ever since. NOTHING makes my skin feel more clean than a Clarisonic and without it, im incomplete. It has improved the texture and condition of my skin so much. Full review on the Clarisonic HERE.


This is a very gentle exfoliator that I use 3 times a week. The beads are non abrasive and it does the job pretty well as far as getting rid of dead skin and making my face feel smooth as a baby’s bum everytime.


So after all that’s done, of course I go in with this toner. My fav one at the moment it’s so gentle, has no scent, doesn’t burn or dry out my skin and I love how it leaves my skin all prepped for the rest of the products I’m about to pile onto my face. Full review HERE


This is a skincare activator that will make whatever products you apply after, absorbs better. I got this from Idos Clinic and this is my third bottle. It’s so tiny and so pricey but it really work wonders on my skin. I take a few drops on my palms and pat it on directly to my skin. Full review HERE.


  • Mask: Sheet Masks

So usually, when I feel that I need the extra boost or whenever I feel like it, I’ll go in with sheet masks. I’ve been doing that a lot lately as many as 5 times a week (a bit extra I know :/) and I have some favorites that I’d like to share. I adore the Innisfree Honey Sheet Mask coz it leaves my skin superrrr hydrated throughout the night. It’s affordable (RM4 a piece) and works better than some of the more expensive ones I’ve tried.

I also love the Faith In Face Masks. I got sent these a while back, used them all up and I went out to buy somemore coz I loveee them. I dont usually like gel-type face masks coz I feel like they’re such a hassle being so slippery and I have to just lie down for the whole 20 mins while normal sheet masks let me do other things during the 20 mins wait without slipping off my face. But these are worth it coz the results satisfies me. They leave my face like instantly brighter and super soft and hydrated especially the Nourishing one which has gotta be my fav out of all of them. You can get these at Watsons.   


Once I’ve pat in the essence from the sheet mask and let it dry for a bit, I go in with my serum from Skin Inc. I have two of them and I go back and forth depending on my mood basically. These serums has improved my skin so much im not even kidding and I recently did a review on it, you can check it out HERE. They’re water based and sinks in fast which I love and they have no scent whatsoever.


I moisturize everynight with the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack because it’s just the BEST. As simple as that. I love everything about it the scent, the consistency and most of all, the way it makes my skin feel and look the morning after. I have gone through two of these, im on my third tub now and I have a backup of it in my drawer and that’s saying something coz I usually get bored easily when it comes to skincare and it’s rare for me to stick to one product for long. Full review HERE.


For the eye area, I moisturize with the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye cream. Like I mentioned in my morning skincare routine post, I find this to be the perfect eye cream mostly coz of the consistency and how it hydrates my undereye and I feel like it does help reduce dark circles over time. Not completely, but better than nothing.

  • Lip Care : Algenist Lip Renewal Balm

No surprise that I am on Oratane (roaccutane) pills now and my lips are jacked up. They’re so damn dry and it gets to me so bad. Sometimes they even bleed from being so dry. I am on month 4 and have two more months to be on the pills and I cant wait to be off it coz it has been such a difficult ride.

I was planning to do a dedicated post on my experience on Oratane but Im contemplating it now because it has been so hard for me. The side effects of the pills got to me so bad and it’s affecting me in so many ways especially emotionally. I’ve been on it once before but I never thought it’ll hit me this hard this time around. I’m still trying to cope with it all and I feel that everything’s escalating towards the end of this 6 month course. Maybe when I’m ready I’ll write about it but I don’t wanna get all emotional here on the blog because this is supposed to be my happy space.

Sorry I digress. Anyway! I’ve ran out of my Fresh Sugar Lip Therapy so I’ve been using the Algenist Lip Renewal Balm and it’s basically the only thing that helps with my awful lips besides the Fresh Sugar ones. Highly recommend.

So that’s about it. 10 steps that I take at night to keep my skin in the best condition that it can possibly be because I don’t have perfect skin and I need to take extra steps with all that makeup I put on. Most of these products aren’t exactly cheap but in all honesty, I’d rather spend my money on skincare compared to makeup because I only have one face. They’re an investment for sure but definitely worth it 🙂

Thank you guys for reading and I hope this helps you in any way possible xx.



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