Makeup Favorites 2015!

This year has been an awezomeeee year for makeup. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff and since it’s December and its the end of 2015, I’m gonna share with you some of my favorite stuff in the makeup department! I’ll go in the order I apply my makeup and I’ll try to keep it short and sweet for ya aite?



I’ve never been a fan of primers before 2015 because I never really understood the need of it and I always thought that it’s just another “extra pointless step”. Dude was I wrong. If you use the right ones, they make a whole world of a difference imma tell you that.

Loreal Lucent Magique Primer

This is my top favorite one. People with dry skin, you’ll dig this. It leaves a healthy glow and iridescence on my skin and makes it look so hydrated and whatever base that goes on top, sticks to my skin beautifully. It’s not glittery, it’s just a beautiful glow that I wish I naturally have on my skin but lets be real so thank god for this.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

This primer has been around forever and it’s one of those products that I know exist and have heard about countless times but never really thought of trying till I got this at an event. I love this. It’s a basic everyday primer that is good for any skintype in my opinion. It smells a little funky but that goes away fast. It transforms your skin into a perfect canvas for makeup and prolongs the wear of my makeup too. And it’s really light so I like la okay coz I apply so many layers on my skin I dont want no thick primer haha.

Smashbox Primer Water

I use this everyday mixed in with either the Loreal /Laura Mercier one. I spray this on first and let it dry before applying the next primer. Since it’s in a spray form, it just makes my skin feel so refreshed in the morning and it’s also very hydrating without any tacky feeling. And makeup wont look crusty when you have this on, it looks fresh all day. I sometimes use this as a setting spray when I’m done with my makeup routine and it takes off the powdery look just enough. It just makes my skin feel and look good overall and that’s the aim in life HAHA. 



NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Fiji

Surprise Surprise :p This is my number 1 favorite foundation ever. Holy grail status dont play with me. I have done a full review on this quite recently so you can check that out HERE. It’s the perfect foundation and it does the job so well in making my skin look flawless with the full coverage it gives and it lasts ALL DAY even without any primers/setting sprays. The one foundation that I can fully rely on for events and whatever I absolutely love the finish of this. And shade wise, among all the foundations I own, NARS Fiji is my perfect shade.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Warm Nude

Although I adore the NARS foundation like no other, being human, I do get bored of it some days and I’ll alternate between different bases but mostly it’s this one right here (full review HERE).  This gives enough coverage for me to cover my acne scars and it is a little bit more dewy than the NARS one on my skin but nothing a little powder cant fix and my skin is now pretty dry so I dont mind it that much. It’s easy to blend, lasts all day on my normal/dry skin and just looks beautiful. Only thing is, the shade’s a little off.



NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard

I’m just gonna put it out there, I’ll die without this. I keep trying and trying to find alternatives coz this thing is hella expensive for a concealer but everytime I find myself going back to this especially to spot conceal but it’s good for the undereyes too. It is the most perfect concealer; full coverage, stays on all day, doesnt break me out. You know how sometimes you need to put layer after layer of concealer to cover up a spot? With this one, it takes only one layer and you’re good to go. I OBSESS over this hardcore.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX04

This concealer cover tattoes; super heavy duty. It’s so pigmented that I only need literally a dab of it to cover my dark circles and it lasts forever so it kinda justifies the hefty price tag. I’ve been using this for over a year every single day and I still have more than half left. So because the NARS concealer runs out pretty quickly, I only use that one for my spots and this Kevyn Aucoin one for my undereyes and I love them both but I love NARS a bit extra heh :p



NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Powder Foundation in Fiji

YESSSSSS I’m so glad I bought this last month and it has taken the spot of my favorite setting powder of life real quick. Although it’s a powder foundation and can be used wet/dry I personally use this as a setting powder. And no it’s not too heavy on top of a liquid foundation if I use a duo fiber powder brush to set it with. I’ve tried applying it with the puff that it comes with but it looked a little too cakey for my liking but with a brush, it’s so pretty on the skin! Somehow it doesnt leave my face looking powdery and it’s so hard to find a powder that doesn’t do that. It adds a teeny bit of coverage and it sets my makeup perfectly and makes it last the whole day. My face doesn’t look flat with this powder on. No joke, when it comes to complexion, NARS YOU SLAY MY SOUL.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

Of all the translucent setting powders I own, this is THE BEST. I use this to set my undereyes and it’s so finely milled that it doesn’t accentuate whatever lines you have going on under the eyes. I’ve tried this on the face too and it does a good job at that as well coz it doesn’t leave a white cast on your face because the powder itself is not exactly white it’s more of a beige-y color. It mattifies the skin real good if you’re looking at that in a powder.



Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

I cannot even deal. The shade of this bronzer is so on point that I think I’m finally done looking for the perfect bronzer coz this is it. I never go a day without bronzer unless im reaaaaally lazy but that rarely happens so I’ve been using this a lot because bronzers give my face some life. It blends easily on my skin and it doesn’t go on patchy, lasts all day and doesn’t look ashy or dirty on the skin. I get the hype and if you’re into bronzers try this one out coz I think it’s everything. Only thing I dont fancy is the packaging but whatever coz I love what’s inside.

  •  BLUSH


Too Faced Love Flush Blush in I will Always Love You

I am a blush addict I have to admit. I am ashamed at how many blushes I own because I personally think that it’s unnecessary but I cant help it. And for me to choose only one blush after using it for only a week, says it all. Believe it or not, I’ve never used the same blush 2 days in a row. I change my blush everyday. But ever since I got this, I have been using it every single day because the shade is made for ME. I can pack this on endlessly and it will never make me look like a clown but all I really need is just a touch of it coz it’s hella pigmented for a light colored blush. It gives my cheeks the color that I’ve always wanted and by the end of the day, the color still shows. Love the formula, love the sheen-y finish of it, love everything bout it.



BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop

All about that highlighter life right now and my NUMBER 1 highlighter is this Becca Champagne Pop that was created by the queen herself, Jaclyn Hill. Oh my god, you’ve no idea how excited I get everytime I apply this. It just completes my look and ties everything together so perfectly. It’s the perfect formula and it gives me the “wet look” which is the goal. If I had it my way, this would be all over my face HAHAH but I only apply this down the bridge of my nose and the top of my cheekbones.

MAC Oh Darling

And ofcourse, MAC Oh Darling is gorginaaaa. But this was sold out on the day that it launched and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it. Thanks Nelson, youre everything <3. It’s gorgeous, the color, the glow it gives but I honestly prefer Becca’s formula compared to this one coz that’s way more buttery and smooth. So don’t fret if you didn’t get this! Get Becca’s one instead on Luxola.



KATE Brow Pencil

I was introduced to this by Doly years and years ago and honestly it’s one of the best and it’s easily accessible too. I go through brow pencils so quick I dont even know how so this is affordable for me  and I appreciate that apart from the fact that it’s also amazing! The tip of the pencil is tiny like Anastasia’s Brow Wiz and it makes it easy to draw a precised line. The color payoff is just right; not too light like you’ve applied nothing and not too dark like you’ve applied an eyeliner on your brows. I highly recommend this.

Benefit Brow Zings Shaping Kit

I honestly don’t even use the wax part of this kit. I love this solely for the powder which is so pigmented and easy to work with. The color matches my brows really well and it’s the only brow powder that I’ve been using. Check out my updated brow routine post HERE.

Benefit Gimme Brow

The best thing to set the brows. Even on days that I dont use brow pencil or powder, I just go straight in with this and my brows will look 10x better coz of the fibers in it. Best brow gel out thereeee.



Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color

I usually just use my bronzer on my lids to give it color especially on working days coz aint nobody got time for a full on glam eye look everyday. Then these came along which was a godsend! They come in a pencil form and I usually just messily apply them on the lids and blend with my fingers and it looks like I spend 15 mins on my eyes. It looks so good and I even use these on my waterline and they look even more flattering there. They stay on ALL DAY and doesnt budge even without eye primer. I think these are so worth it and they’re coming into Sephora Malaysia soon so keep an eye out.



Tarte Limited Edition Lash Curler

What was I even doing before this? My lashes look so good now that they’re curled prior to mascara. And I’ve tried other lash curlers before but there’s something about this one that makes my lashes so curled up and best part is that it stays that way for a really long time. Also, can we just stop for a moment and admire how glam this looks with all the blings?

NARS Audacious Mascara

I’ve been loving this mascara for months now (full post HERE)It makes my lashes look so full and dramatic which is a good thing obviously haha. It doesnt flake on me, looks really good and is easily removed. I’m telling you, NARS is killing it for me right now.

Benefit Roller Lash

I’ve been wanting to try this out and I finally did and YESSSS this is amazing! I prefer the wand on this more than the NARS one coz it’s smaller and it fits better on my lower lash and the formula is thick but it doesn’t clump at all, love it.



Eyeko Pencil Sport Waterproof Eyeliner

The Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayons was all the rage back then but this is way better for me. It’s jet black, stays on the waterline ALL DAY and I have watery eyes so it takes a pretty great liner to hold up so well. This impressed me way more than it should and if you’re looking for a black pencil liner, just go to Sephora and swatch this one. Give it a few minutes to set and try rubbing it, it wont budge.

  • LIPS


We are finally at the end of this longgggass post! If you see my photos on Instagram, I rarely rock a bold red lip/dark lips coz I feel that it takes a ton of effort to maintain it thoughout the day and I’m just not into that unless its a special occasion or something. I am more of a nude/natural lip colors on most days as you can see from the photo.

For gloss, I have to go with NARS Glow Pink from the Christopher Kane collection coz I love the formula it’s non sticky and it leaves a tint on my lips I absolutely adore it. For matte lips, I’ve gotta go with Colourpop Liquid Lipstick in Midi coz it’s the perfect nude that looks so good on its own or on top of other colors. Its also comfortable on my lips and not so drying for a liquid lipstick. Colourpop Tootsi Lippiestix is my fav regular lipstick coz I just loveeee the color and it looks a bit purple on my lips and I kinda dig that look and the formula is better than the liquid lipstick ofcourse, very comfortable and long wearing. Lastly, Nudestix lip pencil in Mystic has a really glossy finish and when I apply it on my lips, it doesn’t give much color when applied coz the color’s real close with my natural lip color but it makes my lips look fuller and just prettier.

So that’s a wrap! What a long one I hope I didn’t bore you but I had to share what I’ve been loving in 2015 with you all coz these are all such good stuff! Hoping you had a great year, I’m wayyyy too glad that this year’s coming to an end and I cant wait for 2016!

As always, thank you guys for reading ❤



3 thoughts on “Makeup Favorites 2015!

  1. harivain

    If there’s anything from Benefit I want to try it’s the Gimme Brow. Only because Essence has something so similar and I wanna compare the two.. I love wearing brow mascara/gels. Easy way to groom the brows without fussing too much with it..


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