Product Empties #5!

Hey people! Back to share my trash with you guys which mainly consists of skincare. I get mixed emotions when I finish a product up. Excited coz I can try something new, sad because if I liked something, that means spending more money repurchasing it HAHA. I’ve been collecting a few products to share a little overview of each of them with you guys so lets do disssss.

  • Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

I totally loved this one. And the price is pretty affordable too which was around rm40 + when I got it. I dont really use this as a mask, I just use it as a scrub. It can be quite abrasive but, if or when my skin’s a little sensitive or dry, I just apply more water with it so the sugar melts a little more. I love how it makes my skin so soft and bright everytime I use this. I’m repurchasing for sure.

  • Laneige Sensitive Power Essential Skin Refiner

So I have mentioned this over and over again on my blog. This was by far my most favorite toner and the best was that I bought this on a whim and ended up loving it. It’s so gentle on my skin and it never ever dry my skin out and instead, it made my skin feel so balanced. Nothing more to it, I am gonna buy this again. Full post HERE

  • Skin Inc Brightening Serum

This was the product that got me so SAD when i finished it because among all my serums, I totally loved this one because of what it did to my skin. You can read the full post HERE with before/after photos. It changed the texture and appearance of my skin so quick that it shocked me a little hahah. It is SO pricey but it was so worth it.

  • Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence

Another product that I bought on a whim from Laneige and fell completely in love. If you are on the hunt for a whitening serum, look no further coz this one does the job so well. It was brightening up my face so much that my neck looked darker after using this for a while so I brought it down to my neck too. It sinks in fast, the scent is very light, and it lasts for quite a while too so the price is justifiable. I am repurchasing this soon!

  • C20 Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Serum

There’s a ton of hype around this serum from Korea. I got mine from Wishtrend. It’s a Vitamin C serum that helps with lightening up dark spots and also improving your overall skin condition. It does tingle a little when you apply and if you have like fresh acne it will burn like a mother but other than that it’s a pretty decent Vitamin C serum.

  • Philosophy Total Matteness

In all honesty, I regret getting this because it did almost nothing to my skin. I bought it back when I was an oily mess and at first, I liked it coz I thought it helped a little with my oil but after using almost all of it, I just dont think that it was worth the money because it was almost 200 bucks and for that kinda money I better get a matte face for atleast 6 hours which I didnt so NOPE. Didnt like this.

  • Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

This is actually my third tub so that says it all. I think I cannot live without this O.O I love everything about it. The texture the way it smells the way my skin looks the next morning. It’s just everything that I want for my skin everynight! Full post HERE

  • Vitamin Tree Water Gel

I miss using this so much! It worked so well under makeup and at night as a moisturizer and I think it helped keep my skin clear too. The texture is really light since it’s a gel but it kept my skin so hydrated like thick cream would and I loved that about this product. I am def getting it again. Full post HERE

  • MAC Fix +

I already purchased a new one because I cannot go a day without this in my makeup routine. When you use Fix +, your makeup just blends in together and there will be no trace of powder on your skin. It’s a finishing touch that I personally NEED to make my makeup not look so thick and caked on because lets be honest, I pile stuff on my face I admit la. So this is key to a “natural looking cake face” :p

  • Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy

This is a mini sized one and I went through it crazy fast because my lips were constantly dry AF due to the Oratane pills but they’re better now. This helped with chapped lips pretty good but I think I wouldn’t be buying it again anytime soon though.

So yeap those are the stuff that I went through in the past couple months. I hope this post helped you in any way possible. As always, thank you for reading! xx




3 thoughts on “Product Empties #5!

  1. Sabrina Tajudin

    I saw your ig post and was intrigue by the bottle with the “matte” sign on the bottle. sadly u did not recommend it haha! one of the philosophy product i really wanted to try is the purity cleanser.



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