January Favorites 2016

Days are going by so quickly I can’t even deal that its now February and I’m turning 26 tomorrow what a JOKE HAHAHA. Where was I the whole of January? :/ Anyway, I dont usually post monthly favorites coz let’s be real, who am I to have a whole list of different products to love every single month.. I’d be broke haha. And I don’t wanna collect random stuff just for the sake of a blogpost so don’t get used to monthly favorites from me :p

But lately, I’ve been loving these products that I thought I’d share coz I havent mentioned most of them before although I use them constantly. A mixture of both makeup and skincare I hope you enjoy this post, lets do dissss.



  • Nivea Men Post Shave Balm

If you’re not a fan of browsing YouTube makeup videos, you’ll be like “why would she need a Post Shave Balm” right bout now. But this product has been blowing up the internet for months after Nikkie Tutorials used it as a makeup primer in one of her videos and everyone seemed to love it so ofcourse, I had to try it too and OFCOURSE I love it and it’s the only primer that I’ve been using eversince I got it.

First let’s talk about the scent. Mine is the Original one so it smells like a hot guy’s cologne. Aint complaining. The texture is a little runny but the trick is to rub it into the skin till it’s tacky to make whatever you apply on top of it stick onto your skin and that’s what I’ve been doing. This creates a perfect smooth base for my makeup and it prolongs the wear of my makeup too. Tried and tested. I love and recommend this. I got mine from a pharmacy for less than rm30. Oh and I also somehow feel that it has been improving my skin condition.. is that weird? I dont know.

  • MAC Fix +

I’ve decided that I can never live without this. After finishing my whole makeup routine, I go in with about 5 sprays of this on my face and it just ties the whole look together and makes my makeup look so blended together, gets rid of the powdery look and also intensifies the highlight on my face. I don’t know whether or not this is supposed to prolong the makeup but I got my Nivea Post Shave Balm for that so this is just perfect as a finishing touch.


  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This would have made it to my 2015 Favorites if I were to try it sooner. No other mascara makes my lashes as long and as full as the Too Faced Better Than Sex. The color is jet black, it doesnt flake on me, it lasts the whole day. I can apply few coats of this and it doesnt clump. The formula is just perfect where it isnt too dry/wet. It’s the perfect mascara I highly recommend.



  • Belif The True Aqua Bomb

I recently reviewed it and I’m almost running out of it coz I’ve been slathering this day and night on my skin. It’s the most moisturizing GEL moisturizer I’ve tried that I can literally feel the hydration in my skin throughout the day. I just absolutely love how my skin looks and feels when i use this stuff. Full review HERE


  • Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

I cannot even begin with this mask. This is hands down my favorite clay mask I’ve tried ever. Although it’s thick, it applies so easily on the skin and spreads like butter, so smooth no hassle. It doesn’t dry and crack all over the face it just get’s a little bit “hard” after about 10 mins and when you wash it, it comes right off! That’s the best part coz I get a little lazy when it comes to clay masks when they’re hard to take off. It makes my skin softer and look somehow brighter and clearer instantly after using it. I LOVE IT.


  • Earth Care Soaps Missy Rose Lip Scrub 

You know my struggle when it comes to chapped lips coz I was on Oratane and stuff so I’ve been avoiding applying lipsticks coz they tend to jack my lips up even more. But when I do wanna use lipstick, I make sure I exfoliate my lips for even application and this is my fav lip scrub, even better than the one I’ve tried from Sephora. It’s gentle enough for me to really rub it on my lips and it gets rid of all the dry skin and leaves my lips all smooth and yummy.  



  • Kiehl’s Creme de Corps

Kiehl’s are not only slaying the skincare game for me but also the body care. This lotion right here will give you the most moisturized skin you’ll have. I use this every night and I love using it especially after I shave my legs because it makes it SO moisturized and smooth I am obsessed. It also keeps my palms and feet moisturized while I sleep. It is a bit more greasy than other body lotions. This one’s more like a butter that’s why I prefer using it at night right before bed. There’s no scent to it which is a little mehhh coz I’d love it a bit extra if it smells good haha. Nonetheless, good lotion!

  • See By Chloe

I came back to this scent after forgetting bout it for months. I have never tried describing perfumes before so I’m gonna suck at my first attempt but this smells like no other. Not too fruity, not too flowery, nothing of the sort. It just smells like you’re ready to take on the day HAHAHA. I dont know how to explain, please go Sephora and take a sniff. Best part? It lasts all day 🙂 

Thank you for reading guys! xx



6 thoughts on “January Favorites 2016

  1. Sabby Prue

    i love your favs!! i really need to dive into kiehls now. haha and I need to try that deep cleansing mask. 😀 Anyway, happy belated birthday babe, and don’t worry, you will be drop dead gorgeous even when you are 50 ok? 🙂 Love you, see u around! xoxo



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