Review: Skin Booster Treatment & Nose Filler at Idos Clinic

Hey hey you! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any face treatments done and I’m back with a major one that required more than 11 jabs all over my face. Yupppp. I recorded parts of it on Snapchat (Bellabae52) and some of you thought it was botox but no! haha. Let me walk you through what this treatment’s all about. I did 2 treatments at the same time as you can see from the title that I’m gonna share in this post focusing more on the Skin Booster.

  • What’s Skin Booster Treatment

Skin booster treatment is injections of micro droplets of hyaluronic acid into the skin which will help to maintain and restore the skin’s natural and moisture content. 1 treatment equals to you using 1000 sheet masks. Man, that sure sounds intriguing coz I’m a legit sheet masks junkie and whats better than getting the results of a thousand sheet masks in a day? O.O I’m all for it. Bring on the injections yo.

  • Benefits of Skin Booster Treatment

Aside from improving our skin’s moisture level from deep inside, this treatment also helps with:

  1. Brightening
  2. Refine pores
  3. Firming & Lifting
  4. Improve sensitivity

Sounds like a dream right? Let’s get into it.


  • Makeup Removal


As always you gotta to start with a clean canvas so my makeup was removed from my face area.

  • Numb Cream


I’m no stranger to numb creams due to the nose fillers that I’ve done in the past but I’ve never tried having numb cream all over my face and I kinda like the feeling haha. The numb cream was left on my face for about 30-40 mins. 

  • Nose Filler


After the numb cream was removed, my face got a little red from the major numbness that I was so ready for whatever that’s coming my way hahaha. We started off with the nose filler injections first because it was something that I’ve done a couple times before and this was just topping up of the fillers.

Hyaluronic Acid filler was used for my nose and I’ve been loving the results. It lasts on me for more than 6 months each time and I’ve never gotten any negative side effects whatsoever. If you’re not a fan of permanent nose jobs but want to enhance your nose for a special occasion (wedding/whatnot) or just coz you feel like it at the time, then this is definitely for you.


As I’ve mentioned before, I only trust Dr Gan to do my nose because I’ve never once left the clinic feeling unhappy with the results. You can read my full posts on my nose filler treatments at Idos HERE & HERE where I explain in detail on the nose filler procedure.

  • Skin Booster 


So onto the interesting part. That’s me trying to take photos of myself getting the injections with one eye open but I gave up so I had to close my eyes throughout the procedure. As much as I want to be brave to get bomb photos for my blog, I’m not. I mean.. look at the needle HAHAHA.

But with the numb cream, I barely felt any pain when I close my eyes. But to look at it, freaked me out nonetheless :p more so when it was on my cheeks than on my forehead and chin.


These were the only photos I took just to give you a rough idea of the whole thing. I had 2 injections on each cheeks and 3 injections on the forehead and 3 on the chin. The pain level was around 2/10. Thank you very much numb cream and Dr Gan for being gentle haha.

The whole procedure took about 45 mins including the nose filler and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I can definitely feel the needle but it was bearable for me. Nothing extreme. For the results, I think it’s worth it 100 percent.

Here’s a video I saved from my Snapchat of the injections on my forehead.

  • Cooling Mask

IMG_7028Cooling mask was applied for about 20 mins after everything was done and that definitely felt awesome coz let’s be real, a little bit of sweating went on with me being anxious and all HAHA.

  • The Results

IMG_5806There wasn’t any downtime. I got it done Friday evening so I did not put any makeup on for the rest of the night. The injection points did not bruise or swell so that was great. My nose was a little swollen for about 2 days but nothing bizarre. Nobody noticed. Not even my dad haha. Picture above was taken one day after.


As for the skin booster, the results were immediate and I was seriously surprised and impressed to say the least. Honestly, I expected it to be good but not THIS good. I don’t really have huge pores to begin with but my pores got significantly smaller right after the treatment I dont know whether you can tell from the photo but the overall condition of my skin went from being dull to a glowy situation 😀 Photos were taken under different lighting but I assure you that my skin was glowing. It was clearer, smoother, softer and everything good. Never felt happier.

No makeup

IMG_7039This was taken in natural sunlight with no makeup on and can you see the glow? Obsessed

With makeup

IMG_7045 IMG_7046

The next day I applied makeup and everything was on point. Makeup application was 10 times better because my skin was the smoothest it has ever been. I have smile lines prior to the treatment and they were reduced too and I know this because my makeup didn’t set in those lines.


It has been over 2 weeks since I got it done and my skin has been amazing eversince. I am very much into skincare and makeup so nothing makes me happier than when my skin is in good condition.

No surprise that I’m super contented with both the Nose Filler and Skin Booster Treatment this time around. Thank you Idos Clinic for letting me try it! If you’re wondering, I go to their Kota Damansara branch 🙂 More info below! You can also quote my name to get rm100 off any skin treatments at Idos clinic. T&C apply.

PART 1 of my nose filler post – click HERE

PART 2 of my nose filler post – click HERE


Contact: 017 541 4992 / 012 787 5992


Read more:

Nose Augmentationrm2300

Skin Booster Treatmentrm1800

(Quote my name “BELLA” for rm100 off on any treatments at Ido’s Clinic)

Click HERE , fill in your details and get rm100 off any skin or face treatments at Ido’s Clinic

Thank you guys for reading! xx





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