Review: Kerastase Fusio Dose Hair Treatment

Hello you.

This post is a little different for my blog because I usually focus only on makeup and skincare BUT hair is considered beauty too in my opinion and as a girl, I like taking care of myself from head to toe. So when Kerastase contacted me to have a pamper session with them, I was stoked coz this was my first hair event ūüėÄ The pamper session was at Miko Galere Pavillion Beauty Hall.¬†


  • My Hair Condition

I’ve recently bleached my hair for the first time 2 months back and I gotta admit, my hair’s not as soft as it was before and that’s what you get for bleaching :/ It requires a lot more
at-home hair treatments and care
. Pretty tedious I would say. But it isn’t completely damaged or anything. My hair doesn’t break and I don’t really have split ends because I get my hair trimmed regularly.

But when I wash my hair, it’s a whole other¬†story. Even after hair masks, my hair still gets crazy tangled when it’s wet and that makes me dread washing my hair. So this treatment came at just the right time. I’ve done hair treatments at salons before but it was always a ready made one so this customized Kerastase hair treatment intrigued me quite a bit.

  • Fusio Dose Treatment¬†



A tailor-made treatment just for you. Concentrated active ingredients freshly fuse to create a customized in-salon treatment for your specific hair needs. Capable of resolving all of your hair concerns, Fusio Dose Hair Lab fundamentally treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results.


How will they determine a treatment to your “specific” hair needs you ask? They don’t just touch your hair and go “oh yea your hair’s dry and let me mix this and this” HAHA. They actually have a device where they’ll place on your scalp and hair and the machine will tell you the condition of your scalp, the severity of the dryness and shine level¬†of your hair.


For me, my scalp was healthy, my hair was obviously dry (not too severe) and lack of shine basically. So the mix for my hair was the Strength Concentrate and the Nutrition Booster. The maximum mixture will only be one concentrate and one booster because they want the treatment to be as potent as possible for the best results.

  • The Treatment

My hair was washed prior to the treatment using Kerastase Shampoo which was also catered for my hair type. The treatment is done while your hair is still wet and they go in sections by spraying the treatment onto your hair and massaging it in and then comb it through.

As I’ve mentioned before, my hair is the WORST when it’s wet and if you’ve bleached your hair before, you know what I’m talking about. So usually, I can never ever comb through my hair with normal comb and I have to use a Tangle Teezer so detangle it.

But when she sprayed the treatment and massaged it into my hair, it detangled almost instantly and that was insane in a good way ofcourse. My hair wasn’t tagled whatsoever and the comb went right through my wet hair.¬†The treatment was left on for 10 minutes and covered with a shower cap and no steam was needed coz they use our body’s natural heat. And then it was rinse time.

  • The Results


If you follow me on Snapchat you would’ve seen me rave about the results. My hair was insanely soft¬†and shiny and to top it off, it smelled like heaven too. It was bouncy, untangled and just silky,¬†even softer than before I bleached my hair lol. Omg I feel like I’m writing a script for a hair advert but honestly I can’t say it differently haha.

I was kinda afraid to wash my hair after that¬†coz I thought that my hair wouldn’t be as soft anymore¬†but even after washing it, my hair is still extremely soft and as I’m sitting here writing this a week¬†after the treatment, my hair is still amazing and get this, even when it’s wet it’s soft and not tangled anymore O.O I forgot how that felt, but¬†it feels good :p

IMG_7564Needless to say, I definitely enjoyed the pampering session with Kerastase coz it was such an easy and fuss free treatment with such impressive lasting results. I thought there was no hope for my bleached hair because all my expensive at home hair masks didn’t really work. But turns out there is haha. Thank you Kerastase for having me and for rescuing my hair! Fusio Dose Treatment is bomb ‚̧¬†

* Prices of treatment differ depending on salons

Thanks guys for reading! xx




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