Updated Morning Skincare Routine

Time for an update on my morning skincare routine guys! Many of you have been asking me to update it and I am here to serve you HAHAHA. You know that I recently went to Korea so I changed up my skincare game. And as always, I will only update you on my routine once I’m extremely happy and satisfied with it and I finally am, so leggo ūüôā !

  • My Skin

img_8495I have acne prone skin and since I was on a 6 month course of Oratane (Roaccutane) pills, my breakouts are under control (except for when its that time of the month) but ever since I stopped my medication in February, my skin has been more oily.  You can read my Oratane posts HERE and HERE. 

So this skincare routine is catered for my skin type which is oily acne prone skin. I don’t necessarily use a range of products to combat acne or products that are only meant for oily skin but these stuffs are what works for me and they help keep my acne at bay¬†after stopping Oratane.

  • Cleanse

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESNo matter how clean you think your face is in the morning, its not. There’s oil build up and sweat, so it’s crucial to cleanse and you can always opt for¬†cleansing water if you have extremely dry skin. But for me, I use my Laneige Moisture Foam Cleanser or the MedKare Acne Face Wash that I got from Idos Clinic. I like both just as much but I will use the¬†MedKare Acne Face Wash if I happen to have any breakouts.

These cleansers differ in formula¬†as one is creamy and one is gel but they’re pretty basic in a sense that¬†lather up nicely making my skin feel extremely clean but¬†not dry. That’s the most important thing coz there’s nothing worse than the tight feeling you get from some cleansers that are too drying for your skin.

  • Tone & Soften

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSomething that I’ll never skip. For toners, I alternate between the Son&Park Beauty Water and Kiehl’s Clarity Activating Toner and after that, I will always go in with the Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softener.¬†

The Son&Park Beauty Water is magic and I’m glad I bought it when I was in Korea. No matter how clean I think my face is, the cotton pad will always have residue when I run this over my skin. It makes my skin feel so clean¬†and so ready for the rest of the stuff that I put on my face. Best part is that my skin feel so moisturized when I use this. Perfection.

Kiehl’s Clarity Activating Toner is ¬†definitely becoming one of my favorites. I’m not gonna get in too deep because there will be a separate review on this but for now, I just wanna say that I LOVE THIS.¬†I’ll tell you why soon.

I’ve been using Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softener daily and its actually something new to me. I dont think I’ve ever used a product like this before. Although it’s an extra step, it’s definitely worth it because first, the scent is amazing and second, it softens and plumps my skin like no other.¬†The texture isn’t watery, it’s a little thicker compared to regular toners like how an essence is. ¬†Putting it on is fuss free, I just take a bit of it into my hands and pat it straight into the skin. I adore this and I regret only buying one when I was in Korea.

  • Serum

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI only use one serum in the daytime and it’s the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.¬†Again, I wont be saying much bout this for my upcoming Kiehl’s blogpost but this serum is the best for day time coz its not oily and its really light and comfortable on the skin.

  • Moisturize

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhen my skintype was normal on Oratane, I used to love moisturizing my skin but now that it’s oily, I dread it although I know for a fact that no matter how greasy your skin is, you gotta moisturize it. So that it will be balanced and not produce more oil. So for oily skin, a gel type moisturizer will be the best especially for day time.

I’ve been using my MedKare Hydra Soothe Moisturizer¬†also from Idos Clinic. It’s a light gel moisturizer and it does a pretty good job at making my skin feel hydrated throughout the day.¬†It doesnt feel heavy on my skin and it sinks into my skin great and¬†my makeup sits beautifully on it.¬†

  • SPF

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI feel like its a constant battle to find the perfect sunscreen and I bought this Laneige All Day Anti Pollution Defensor SPF30 on a whimp when I was in Korea and at the time, my skin was still normal and I loved this because it’s a cream texture and its amazing under makeup and as a makeup base too.

So now that my skin is oily, I find it to be a teeeeeny bit heavy at times but maybe because I didn’t use a light hand with it. Apart from that,¬†I really like it because it doesn’t break me out and it doesnt make me extremely greasy. But if you have insanely oily skin I don’t think you’ll like this :/

Eyes & Lips

I lost my eye cream not too long ago and I havent gotten a new one yet so I’ve been using my face¬†moisturizer under my eyes too and it works great under makeup. And as for lips, I use Vaseline in the morning to keep them moisturized!

That’s it guys! Seems like a ton of products but this is my way of keeping my skin clear and balanced for now! I hope you enjoyed this post. Skincare posts usually doesn’t cater to everyone because not all of you have my exact skintype but take what you want from this post and I hope this helped you in any way possible! Thank you so much for reading ‚̧ xx



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