Review: Facial at Phillip Wain Starhill Gallery

Hey you guys. Been a while but here I am! Back to share a facial experience with you and im stoked coz it was one of the most expensive glam pampering session I’ve been to so far (Price at the end of the post). Phillip Wain Malaysia invited me over to try out their FRX D-White Divine Perfector Facial Treatment at Phillip Wain Club Starhill Gallery and if you haven’t heard of them:


  • The Place

It’s a club dedicated only for women and gosh, it was one of the most posh place I’ve been to for a facial. They have a ton of services such as gym, manicure pedicure, sauna and stuff. More info on their website. The place was just gorgeous and I’ll let the photos do the talking:






  • The Facial:

The facial that I did was the FRX D-White Divine Perfector Facial Treatment and it is to deliver instant visible fine line reduce and skin brightening result. In short, below are what the treatment is about but I’ll walk you through the whole thing in a while 🙂

A combination of Fractional RF Machine & Whitening Products.

-Using machines made in Korea, this facial uses the technique of Fractional RF where the RF energy separates into 64 parts and deliver into the deeper layer of the skin and stimulates collagen.

-Whitening Products- Using i-Firm Whitening Treatment Box that contains high level of Oxygen & Nutrition which enables you to see skin brightening & lightened pigmentationIngredient of these products are high antioxidant, high protein & natural plants.

  • The Treatment


The facial took 1 hour and 45 mins and here’s what went down:

  1. Like all facials, the first step was to remove the makeup and cleansing.
  2. After that, Enzyme Mask was applied onto my face and left on for 5 mins. This mask is for whitening, to reduce sebum, lighten pigmentation and remove dead skin cells. I was told that it’s very gentle that it can be used on the eye area to reduce dark circles too so that’s what they did for me. And while waiting for mask to sit on my skin for 5 mins, I was given the best hand massage ever :pSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
  3. After the mask was removed, my face was cleansed, toned, and steamed to prepare my pores for extractions. The extraction was very very gentle and I felt close to no pain. I have been through brutal extractions before and this was almost pain-less for me. And ofcourse, brow shaping was thrown in as well which was a plus coz my brows were bushy at the time haha.
  4. Then, time for the machines to work their magic. My facialist applied  D White Divine Antioxidant Concentrate on my face followed by a light massage. Before she started the machine on my skin, another layer of gel was applied for machine movement.
  5. Two different machines were used and the first one was for blood circulation and collagen. The machine was a bit warm but it was nice coz the room was pretty cold hehe.
  6. Second machine was for fine lines. This is where they will target on the areas that you have more lines. My facialist Shereen actually did half of my face first to show me the difference and believe me when I say that I saw a difference but I just couldnt capture it on camera, it didn’t show I dont know why. So annoying.
  7. D White Divine Lightenex Cream was applied to my face after the machine was done for nutrition and to provide oxygen to my cell.
  8. And then D White Divine Revivify Mask was applied on top of the cream and was left on for 20 mins and while waiting for that, I was given the BEST shoulder massage of life. 
  • The Results


After the facial was done, I was given a mirror to see the results for myself and I definitely saw a difference in my skin. It wasn’t anything life changing because it was the first time I got it done but my skin was super soft, brighter and firmer. Like I had a face lift done haha. My skin stayed that way for awhile after the treatment and I loved it. The whole process of the facial was just pleasant and the results did not disappoint either. I happy okay? :p


And best part was that this facial allows you to apply makeup on right after it’s done in their beautiful makeup room. So no worries if you dont wanna be seen in public with your post facial bare face in the mall or you wanna continue your day shopping, you can do that! Just bring your makeup bag. That’s what I did coz I went for a date right after the facial and had a full face of makeup on.

The whole experience was just priceless and I enjoyed every bit of it. You have to go there to get what I mean. The club, the facial, the locker room, the makeup room, the massage. Everything. I feel so blessed that I got to try it so I would sincerely like to thank Tanky for inviting me, Phillip Wain for having me and Shereen for giving me the best and most gentle facial ever 🙂 

  • Discount Code for you guys!

So here’s the fun part! This facial costs RM980 per session. Yes, I was veryyyy surprised to learn that as well. Hahaha. But if you’re interested in trying out this facial at Phillip Wain, they’ve given me a special promo price for you guys!

Special Promo price for Bella’s Followers: RM168 (NRP: RM980)

*Limited to 1st 10 New female customers aged 21 years old & above only.

*Expiry Date: 1 month starting from today (10 June 2016)

Book Now:

Call them to find out more:

Menara Millennium: +603-2092 2200
Starhill Gallery: +603-2148 2200

Visit their website:

Visit their Facebook:

Thank you for reading guys and if you decide to try it out I hope you enjoy it! ❤




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