Review: Hair Removal Treatment at Idos Clinic

We alllll know the struggle of constant shaving, it just gets tiring and the more you shave the more it comes out, I’m just keeping it real haha. Apart from laser treatments, waxing is also an option but hair removal treatments often come with extreme pain measures.

So Idos Clinic got me good when they said that this laser treatment was with minimum pain and I’ve been with them for over a year so I trust them. I started this hair removal journey a couple months back and the two areas that Im focusing on in this post are my underarms and legs. I’ve finished my course and I’m here to report to you guys!

  • Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment

This laser hair removal treatment is very quick and easy. It takes only 5 mins for an underarm area and it has other perks like whitening and skin tightening. You can get it done once a month to maintain the results till you’re satisfied. I got it done 5 times and here’s what I think:

  • My Experience

For my underarms, I usually shave every 2 days and as for my legs, I shave once every 3-4 days. It’s a known fact that shaving causes the hair to grow thicker and faster and it also darkens the shaved area. I was stoked to know that this laser came with whitening benefits. 

This is a very straight forward treatment with minimal steps. It begins with a clean shaven surface so the nurse will assist you in shaving any hair prior to the laser. Then they apply a layer of gel and then go in with the laser.

If you’re familiar with laser treatments you’ll know that some machines tend to be very loud and abrasive but not this one. It doesn’t make a sound and most importantly it doesnt burn or hurt that much. On a scale of 1-10 I’d say the pain level is only 2. It’s not completely pain-less because you do feel it especially on areas that are darker but that’s about it. It is very bearable for a laser treatment. 

Each underarm takes approximately 5 minutes

Legs take about 10 mins eachSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

  • The Results

Based on my personal experience, right after the laser, I noticed that more hair came out for about a week and that’s absolutely normal due to the roots of the shaved hair that were still inside. After that period is over, I noticed a huge dramatic difference. My hair just completely stopped growing. I can go a full month without shaving and it’s still smooth  and I noticed this after the second time of the laser treatment. 

And the best part of it all, remember that whitening effect they promised? Yup, its trueeeee. I noticed a huge difference especially on my underarm. And because I dont shave anymore, they constantly look so bright and feels so smooth.

All I can say is that I’m SOOOO glad I tried this because hair removal is just something that I’ve never thought of doing but now that I’ve tried it, I am obsessed with the results. Life is so much easier now because whenever I go on short trips or sleepovers, I don’t need to bring a razor anymore haha and I feel more confident raising my hand up in public with sleeveless on :p

And as for my legs, the exact same results. I don’t have to shave no more and it’s so convenient mannnn lemme tell you. I’m showing you before and after photos of my underarms because you’re able to see the difference better compared to my legs. But the results are amazing on both my legs and underarms. 

This was how my underarm was just 2 days after shaving before starting the laser treatment. You can see it, I dont have to say it.


And this is how it looks now after a month of not shaving AT ALL. Need I say more? :p

IMG_4132Thank you Idos Clinic ❤ Once again, your treatment impressed me! 🙂 Thank you for always making me feel so comfortable and happy with the results of your treatments. If you’re wondering, I go to their Kota Damansara branch.

The price of this hair laser treatment:

Underarms– RM300 per session

Full legs– RM600 per session


Contact: 017 541 4992 / 012 787 5992


Read more:

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Thank you guys for reading! xx




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