Review: The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum

Heyyyyyyyyy you. Been a while since my last review. I got engageddddd recently and I’m in the midst of planning my wedding :p so there are tons to do, hence the lack of posts. But that aside, today im gonna be sharing my review of this product with you.

This is my first time using a skincare product from The Face Shop but I do love Korean skincare products so I was stoked to be sent this to try out. My skin is now going through such a rough time and I myself am confused about the state of it. It’s oily, dehydrated with breakouts and dry patches. Thank you universe :/ But it’s on the road to recovery.

  • The Face Shop The Therapy First Serum

_sam1224As the name would suggest, this First Serum should be applied before any other skincare products as the purpose of this is to maximize the effect of skincare products that you apply after it.

This serum has Anti-aging + Anti-dryness + High moisture + “Exfoliating” benefits and it is recommended for people with Normal to Dry Skin. It contains therapy water and essential oils and it to treat and hydrate the skin.

_sam1222It is packaged in a glass bottle and its pretty heavy, it has a very expensive feel to it but if you’re thinking of taking this with you when travelling, I’d suggest pumping some of it into a small bottle instead. It has a pump which is convenient and it also has a scale on the side so that you can monitor your usage of the product. Oh and the bottle is huge and you get tons of product.

  • My experience

The consistency of this serum is really runny and it’s pretty heavily scented. I personally am not bothered by scents as long as the product works. Coz of the thin formula, it sinks into my skin real quick so it’s a step in my skincare that I don’t mind taking coz I dont have to wait around for it to dry.

As of now, my skin usually feels a bit dry after cleansing and this serum balances out my skin and makes it feel hydrated. I use this morning and night and for the day time, it makes my skin feel comfortable with makeup on. I know this coz I compared my makeup application with and without this serum and I definitely feel the difference.

It does not feel heavy or sticky, doesn’t clog my pores and it also didnt break me out and I’m sooo glad bout that coz I’ll be sad if I have to stop using this. For reals.

_sam1255Given that this is my first product from The Face Shop, I honestly did not know what to expect but I’m glad to report that I’m really enjoying this serum, more than I thought I would and will continue to use it coz I really feel like my skin is reacting so nicely to it. 

If you feel like your skincare routine is incomplete and is just not right, maybe give this a go? I’ve included this in mine and I’m stoked to see the end results after I go through this. You can get this at The Face Shop for RM148.29.



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