Review: Lancôme Energie De Vie Skincare

Hey guys, I finally have the time to slide one post in for you and I hope you enjoy this one coz this is one of the skincare lines that I really enjoyed recently. Lancôme came out with the Energie De Vie range a couple months back and I love the whole concept of it. Here’s what they have to say bout the collection:

Inspired by the power of nature, discover Énergie de Vie at Lancôme. A skincare collection that combines 3 exceptional plant life-forces; leaving your skin brimming with vital energy every day. As if bathed in morning dew, skin regains its natural quality; a refined texture, healthy glow and renewed bounce. Stimulate your skin and your senses for visible results with Énergie De Vie.

I was given these products to try out and for me, I need to use skincare products for atleast a month to see how it really works and I’ve used a fair share of these, so now onto my thoughts!

But let me get this outta the way first; the scent of the Energie De Vie products are insanely good. If you pass by Lancôme counters or Sephora, please sniff these. I am addicted #nuffsaid :p Oh and, I have acne prone combination skin for reference 🙂


I’ve always heard good things bout Lancôme toners and this is my first time trying one. This lotion has some sort of “glitters” in it I guess that’s why it’s called “pearly” lotion. It’s so pretty and at first I was kinda scared to try it coz of the glitters (my skin is pretty sensitive) but this lotion did not break me out, thank goodness.

It sinks in quick into the skin, doesnt dry or strip my skin and makes it feel balanced. There are two ways I use this; one is by patting it directly into the skin with my hands or I will put this on a cotton pad and wipe it across my face. It works fine both ways but for the evenings, I would suggest that you use it with a cotton pad just in case you have makeup residue on your skin after cleansing 🙂


This has gotta be my fav out of the three. A liquid moisturizer that is incredibly lightweight but extremely hydrating, atleast for my skin. It feels like you’re applying a serum because the consistency is runny and light but it works real good as a moisturizer especially for day time use under makeup. Perfection.

If you have dry skin and you feel like your skin needs some moisture throughout the day, you can pat this on your face over your makeup and it will make give your skin that needed boost. I was skeptical bout that coz I wouldn’t want it to move my makeup around but I personally tried it many times at work and it did not disturb my makeup and my skin felt fresh after I did that. I love this.


I love myself a good sleeping mask coz its so easy. Apply it like you would a moisturizer and leave it on overnight for it to do its magic. This one smells INCREDIBLY GOOD, so good that I would totally buy the perfume version of this to spray all over my body if they have it haha. Im not usually a fan of scented skincare but this one is pleasant and none of these products irritate my skin 🙂

You will instantly feel the hydration it gives the skin when you apply it and you will wake up with your skin soft and looking plumped. Couldn’t ask for more. It’s a joy putting this on.

So that’s all guys! I hope that this post helped you out if you were ever curious bout this skincare line. Thank you for reading 🙂 xx




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