Review: Hair Color @ A Cut Above!

Hiiiiiii guys.

10 more days to the wedding and as a bride to be, I was determined to look presentable on my wedding day haha. I was already planning to get my hair colored before the wedding and then A Cut Above contacted me and offered to sponsor a hair coloring session for me! So thankful! I’m sure you know A Cut Above, they’re a high end salon thats been around forever 🙂
More info here:

I went to their salon in Bangsar Shopping Center more than a week ago and got my coloring done! So lemme share my thoughts on the whole experience.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI met up with their senior stylist Damon and I told him to decide on the hair color for me coz I prefer a professional opinion to determine my hair color for my wedding :p

Since I bleached my hair this year, he decided on purplish ash color for me so that by the time of the wedding, my hair will fade into a nice ashy color which isnt too dark or too light. And he chose purple because my skin has a yellow undertone and this hair color will make me look fresh. Oh yes, I wanna look fresh to death please thanks haha. The brand that was used on me is Shiseido ❤

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMy favorite thing bout the salon was this; their salon hair wash area. They have the most amazingggg seats ever created. I’ve never felt more comfortable getting my hair rinsed in a salon. You gotta try it.


Damon also decided to throw in a hair treatment for me coz my hair was insanely dry. Surprise surprise haha. I needed that treatment.


The whole process of coloring, treatment and styling only took 1 hr 45 mins and I WAS IMPRESSED. I really appreciate the fast service because as much as I love a trip to the salon, I get restless if I gotta be there for a long time, you feel me? Hehe. They’re so efficient, A+ for service!

So here’s a before and after. I’m so glad that I let him decide my hair color coz it’s my first time trying out purple and I really love itttt. Plus my hair felt really soft and smooth, it even looks shiny as you can see.


And this photo was taken today. Sorry for the Snapchat doggy filter but you can see that the color is fading very slowly and nicely after 10 days 🙂

img_1202So thank you A Cut Above for helping me get one step closer to look decent on my wedding day! And thank you guys for reading! 🙂 xx




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