Review: The Face Shop Yehwadam Skincare Line

Hi guyssssss, I’m back for another review of a skincare line from The Face Shop which they released not too long ago. This skincare line is catered to those who are interested in revitalizing anti aging skincare products and also to those who want to start anti aging care and have dull and patchy skin issues. 

The thing about anti aging skincare is that its best to start early to prevent wrinkles rather than to repair which would take a longer time.  The recommended age for this skincare line is 20-30 years of age. I’m 27 this year and needless to say, I need me some anti aging coz I’m approaching that big 3-0 real soon haha :/

About the Yehwadam skincare line:

  • YEH (herbs & plants) – WA (flower) – DAM (story)
  • Main ingredients: 
  1. Korean Ginseng (skin revitalization)
  2. Safflower (improve skin tone and complexion)
  3. Goji berry (helps to control skin cell aging to create natural glow)

Traditional herb line that contains Korean traditional herbs and flower extracts, inspired by stories of beautiful Korean women and their beauty secrets passed down through the generations


“A revitalizing serum with a one of a kind dewy texture that immediately provides a healthy and vibrant skin finish without leaving a sticky residue”

Overall Thoughts:

IMG_0409-horz.jpgThe packaging of this bottle is nice with the pump that lets out just enough product for one use. The texture of this serum is unlike most that I’ve tried. This has a “dewy texture” and it feels a little bit like glue upon application but once it sinks in, you won’t feel it as much.

It smells amazing, a fresh floral scent although its a herbal line. I’ve said this before, I don’t mind if my skincare has a scent to it because as long as it doesn’t irritate my skin then it is fine by me. But everyone’s skin is different and this is only based on my experience 🙂

This serum keeps the skin moisturized morning and night. You will feel it working on your skin and you will see the difference after you apply this especially if you have even the slightest form of dry skin. A good anti aging serum to try out!



“A brightening tone-up pearl capsule cream that contains glowing white pearls and rare snow lotus ingredients in a concentrated capsule form for moisturized skin that is as white as snow. Special double care with real pearl-like capsules that deliver skin brightening tone-up effects and oriental herbal essence that hydrates the skin”

Overall Thoughts:

FullSizeRender (1)-horzFirst, the packaging is so solid and eye catching haha. I like it because it’s simple and posh. Anyway, you must be wondering what is the point of those capsules, like why can’t they just do a normal cream in a jar right?

The point of those capsules is that they are freshly kept concentrated ingredients and being in a capsule, they don’t get contaminated and exposed to the air which can reduce the efficiency of the product .

The capsules reminded me of pearls and this is my first time using capsuled creams and it’s actually fun. It gives me a sense of satisfaction each time the capsule breaks haha.

FullSizeRender (4)Once you rub the capsule into the skin, it will break and the cream will spread onto the skin. The whitening effect that the capsule gives is instant and with long term use, it will improve the tone of your skin with the collagen in it.

This cream smells realllly good and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It spreads on the skin easily and the instant brightening effect is just fun to look at :p Anti aging and whitening at the same time, you can’t ask for more.

So that’s it for the review! You can get these from The Face Shop Malaysia. For more info on the products, visit:

Instagram: @thefaceshopmalaysia

Thank you so much for reading! xx




1 thought on “Review: The Face Shop Yehwadam Skincare Line

  1. yanrula

    I didn’t know The Face Shop has such expensive products. At first I thought I was looking at Sulwhasoo haha! The pearl capsule cream reminds me of the Tang Yuan we have in Malaysia during the “winter-but-not-winter-in-Malaysia season” 😃



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