Review: Ortea Skincare

Hi guys,

Ready for another skincare review? 😀 I’m coming at you today with a France-originated brand; Ortea Skincare. This brand produces concentrated skincare range, with at least 80% plants based ingredients and 100% vegan.

They have 6 ranges of products that cater to every skin type.

  • Whitemallow (whitening series)
  • Acnefix (antiacne series)
  • FrozenAge (antiaging series)
  • Iroise Enhydro (hydrating series)
  • Sensia Recovery (sensitive skin series)
  • IDEAL 35 (all-in-one series)

I got the opportunity to try out from different ranges and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you on it. So lets dive in!

  • Ortea(R) Whitemallow Cleansing Water

cleansing water


Whitemallow Cleansing Water is the latest innovation from France. It could remove daily make-up and cleanse face altogether in one single step. This 2-in-1 facial cleanser is especially suitable for those looking for a quick cleansing after working for long hours.


Marshmallow root extract, aloe vera, witch hazel


Overall Thoughts:

This cleansing water comes in a very travel friendly packaging with a pump and it won’t leak all over your bag. It has a very light natural scent which I like. Despite the name, the consistency of this is a little thicker than most cleansing waters that I’ve tried because it is a 2-in1 product. It can be applied directly onto your face without the use of cotton pads. You can use this like a regular cleanser and it takes off every bit of makeup on your face with the makeup removing properties that it provides. This is the best product to get makeup and dirt of your face for those lazy days :p It’s really gentle and not drying whatsoever.

  • Ortea(R) Sensia Recovery Cleansing Foam

cleansing foam


Sensia Recovery Ultra Mild Cleansing Foam is a gentle facial cleanser particularly suitable for sensitive skin. It is formulated fragrance free with very gentle cleansing agents derived from coconut, sugar cane, corn and olive oil. It is so gentle that it does not strip off the skin natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Highly recommended for those with sensitive skin or prefer a mild foaming cleanser.


Chamomile, safran flower extract, ginseng, herba violae, dandelion. Fragrance free and sulfate free

Overall Thoughts:

If you prefer a regular cleansing foam on top of other makeup removing products, this is one to try for a double cleanse or a one step morning cleanser. It does not have any fragrance to it and for a foam cleanser, it’s gentle. It foams up really well and makes your skin feel really clean without feeling dry. That’s what I want in a cleanser 🙂

  • Ortea(R) Whitemallow Anti-glycation Serum



Whitemallow Anti-glycation Serum is currently the latest in the market. Age spot tends to develop over time and arise from the deeper skin layer to the surface. This process is irreversible but can be prevented with anti-glycation serum. It is thus essential to start anti-glycation regime from the age of 30 and above to prevent formation of age spot at older age.


Buckwheat, pomegranate, chamomile, ginseng. Does not contain sulfate, mercury, hydroquinone.

Overall Thoughts:

This is a serum that hydrates and brighten the spots on the skin without any harsh chemicals. Like the other products, this does not have an offensive scent to it either. It’s light on the skin, sinks in really fast and it’s not sticky once it’s fully dried.  The hydration it gives the skin is instant but like other brightening products, it takes a longer time to see the difference. Can’t wait to see what it will do to my skin once I go through the whole bottle.

  • Ortea(R) Iroise Enhydro SPF50++++



Iroise Enhydro SPF50++++ is a light-weight day gel. It contains Iroise sea water, delivering a cooling sensation. Its texture is light, easily adsorbed, fine and smooth; without any white residue on skin and does not clog pores, suitable to be layered further with make-up. Besides blocking UVA and UVB, it also block blue light (which is the aging factors from electronic devices). This is our top-selling SPF product


Fucus vesiculous and Iroise sea water, fully imported from France.

Overall Thoughts:

I never skip SPF in my skincare step because living in Malaysia, the sun is out everyday which makes it even more crucial to protect the skin. It is always a struggle to find the perfect sunscreen because most are just so greasy and some even leaves a horrid white cast on the skin. This sunscreen is great. It’s really light since its a gel and it sinks into the skin really fast and sits well under makeup. Doesn’t make the skin oily too. And no white cast whatsoever!

  • Ortea(R) FrozenAge  Desirous 5-in-1 Eye cream



Each tube of FrozenAge Desirous contains at least 1 million plant cells of Damas rose and Egypt Lily, releasing arsenal of potent ingredients upon contact with targeted skin area. Its efficacy is much more better compare to stem cells. In addition, Persian silk tree and Anuurka apple deliver high dose of antioxidant and tightening effect to quickly reduce appearance of eye bags and dark circle. This concentrated product deliver progressive long-term visible results within 14 days!


Active plant cells of Egypt Lily, Damas Rose, Persian silk tree and Annurka apple. Does not contain paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, animal ingredients

Overall Thoughts:

First off, isn’t the packaging cute? It makes it fun to use too 😀 This eye cream is really light in consistency and can be used morning and night. I only need one pump for both under eye area so it will last me quite a while. It keeps my under eye area really hydrated and makes it look fresh too.

  • Ortea(R) FrozenAge Repair



FrozenAge is creation from our France laboratory. Incorporating some of the most advance technology such as active plant cell encapsulation, stem cell, and advance peptide; it could boost collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid from within the skin;the effect is like getting an injection without actually having an injection. Painless, needle-less, no side-effect.


Patent pending advance peptides complex, hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl™, Argireline™,Chronoline™, X50™, Syn-TC™, organic argan oil, organic rosehip oil, organic jojoba oil. Does not contain paraben, sulfate, mineral oil, petrolatum, or animal ingredients

Overall Thoughts:

Same like the eye cream, the packaging of this is super cute. This serves as an anti aging boost to your skincare regime. It helps to diminish wrinkles, recover skin elasticity and firmness, and moisturize the skin. It’s a gel consistency so although it is an anti aging product, it is not thick and not too heavy on the skin. It can be used on targeted area like smile lines and forehead.

  • Ortea(R) FrozenAge Revive



FrozenAge is creation from our France laboratory. Incorporating some of the most advance technology such as active plant cell encapsulation, stem cell, and advance peptide; FrozenAge Revive could deliver BOTOX-like effect without needle or injection.


Palmitoyl tripeptide, palmitoyl oligopeptide, hyaluronic acid, milk protein, algae extract. Does not contain paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, petrolatum

Overall Thoughts:

If you want botox but you’re afraid of needles, this is said to be the next best thing 😀 It plumps up your skin which makes the appearance of any fine lines you have to be less visible. Sinks into the skin immediately.

. . . . .

I really like that all of their products has close to no scent, so you know that you’re not piling on a ton of fragrance onto your skin. The ingredients are natural and vegan too. But having said that, skincare products really depends on your skin type and how it tolerates certain ingredients. My review is only based on my skin 🙂 So yeah guys! That’s it for this review. For more info on the products, you can visit theit website here:





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