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Let’s talk about Acne Part 2: Roaccutane/Oratane pills


If you have ever suffered from it, you will understand what an emotional torture it is. And if you are still suffering from it, I know exactly how you feel but here’s a post from me on an acne cure that you might wanna read about. Warning: This is gonna be Continue reading


Review: MedKare Skincare products for acne prone skin

I for one, being a beauty junkie have the habit of mixing up my skincare products. I never use the same brand for my cleanser, toner, serum.. you get the point. So when Ido’s Clinic gave me these products to try out, I was excited but I knew it would take a lot from me to incorporate so many items of the same brand into my routine coz it just goes against the rebel inside me haha. But Continue reading

Finally: How I Cured My ACNE :)

After 10 yrs of suffering from acne and being stripped off all levels of self confidence, I never in a million years thought I’d be free of it coz it somehow became a part of me . I’ve had my fair share of good skin up till I was 14 and that was it. From then on, my face was a constant battlefield till recently.

Acne ruined me not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.  I went through it all, the puberty pimples all through high school and hormonal acne all through college. Difficult times I can tell you that.

Ways I’ve tried to cure my acne in the past: Continue reading

When my skin is feeling mehh…

Be it the time of the month, or when you’ve used a wrong product and getting reactions from it, or just when your skin decides to go cray on you, some of us are bound to go through that rough patch once in a while. So I’ll share wiht you what I do to kinda like stabilize the condition. Yes im a doctor of my own skin haha. I’ve been studying my skin for as long as I can remember and I think I know how to keep it under control as of now.

There are soooooo many causes of breakouts like Continue reading