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Product Empties #5!

Hey people! Back to share my trash with you guys which mainly consists of skincare. I get mixed emotions when I finish a product up. Excited coz I can try something new, sad because Continue reading


Product Empties #4

Hey y’alls. I’ve been collecting a few products that I’ve used up so I’m gonna share them with you with a mini overall review for each product. Hope this will somehow help you if you’re thinking of buying any of these products! Before we begin, I might as well tell you my skin type coz most of the stuff are skincare items. I have Continue reading

Product Empties #3 – Makeup

When it comes to makeup, it’s pretty hard for me to go through products coz I change up the products that I use almost everyday. So when I do get through any of my makeup products it’s either because I really love it or I dislike it but don’t wanna waste it. Here are a collective makeup empties that I wanna share along with a miniiii Continue reading