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Review: Undereye Filler & Botox at Idos Clinic

Hello ALL! If you follow my Snapchat you’ve seen clips of me at Idos Clinic “getting my eyes done” and stuff and if you dont have me on there, I’m here to fill you in on what I did to my face. I’ve gotten my Continue reading


Review: Carbon Laser Peel @ Idos Clinic

I’ve never done repetitive review on my blog before but I just need to share this again because my Instagram post about it just wouldnt suffice. Back in November 2014, I did a very in depth post on this Carbon Laser Peel which I will Continue reading

Review: OR Eau Miracle Drop .. it’s so good

Hey guys! I’m back. Been pretty sick after Bangkok hence the MIA and you know, life got in the way too. But now I need to tell you bout this product that I’ve almost used up. Ido’s Clinic gave this to me to try out a month back and I am so GLAD they did because I cant even begin Continue reading

Review: MedKare Skincare products for acne prone skin

I for one, being a beauty junkie have the habit of mixing up my skincare products. I never use the same brand for my cleanser, toner, serum.. you get the point. So when Ido’s Clinic gave me these products to try out, I was excited but I knew it would take a lot from me to incorporate so many items of the same brand into my routine coz it just goes against the rebel inside me haha. But Continue reading

rm100 off any skin/face treatments @ Ido’s Clinic for you

Hey you guys! you might have noticed that I’ve been going to Ido’s Clinic for my face treatments a couple of times now and I always ended up leaving the place feeling satisfied and happy. No surprise that these treatments are sometimes out of our budget so now you can get yourself rm100 off any  Continue reading

My Nose Job @ Ido’s Clinic

I’ve alwaysssss wondered how it feels to have fillers injected into my face and how I’ll look like with just a teeny bit more nose bridge. So you can only imagine how beyond psyched I was to know that Ido’s Clinic were sponsoring me to have that procedure done! OMG OMG you guys 😀  So here I am a week later to share with you my whole experience of getting a “nose job”. By the way, Continue reading