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rm100 off any skin/face treatments @ Ido’s Clinic for you

Hey you guys! you might have noticed that I’ve been going to Ido’s ClinicΒ for my face treatments a couple of times now and I always ended up leaving the place feeling satisfied and happy. No surprise that these treatments are sometimes out of our budget so now you can get yourself rm100 offΒ anyΒ  Continue reading


My Nose Job @ Ido’s Clinic

I’ve alwaysssss wondered how it feels to have fillers injected into my face and how I’ll look like with just a teeny bit more nose bridge. So you can only imagine how beyond psyched I was to know that Ido’s Clinic wereΒ sponsoring me to have that procedure done! OMG OMG you guys πŸ˜€ Β So here I am a week later toΒ share with you my whole experience of getting a “nose job”.Β By the way, Continue reading