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Skincare Products That I’m Loving!


It’s been a couple months since I’ve updated bout my everyday skincare so here’s one for you. This is not a skincare routine post coz I just want to share with you the skincare products that I’ve been loving. I’m keeping my skincare routine post for later because I’m recording my skin’s journey with Continue reading


Updated Morning Skincare Routine

Time for an update on my morning skincare routine guys! Many of you have been asking me to update it and I am here to serve you HAHAHA. You know that I recently went to Korea so I changed up Continue reading

My Updated Night Time Skincare Routine

Since I’ve shared my morning skincare routine with you (full post HEREit wouldn’t be complete if I dont share my night time routine. At night is when I layer my skincare because that’s when I really Continue reading

My Updated Morning Skincare Routine

Hi! I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post on my skincare routine and recently, like I’ve mentioned a hundred times before my skin transitioned from oily to normal/dry and I’ve changed up my skincare routine a little bit to fit my current skin type. This routine is by far my favorite morning routine ever.  Continue reading

Review: MedKare Skincare products for acne prone skin

I for one, being a beauty junkie have the habit of mixing up my skincare products. I never use the same brand for my cleanser, toner, serum.. you get the point. So when Ido’s Clinic gave me these products to try out, I was excited but I knew it would take a lot from me to incorporate so many items of the same brand into my routine coz it just goes against the rebel inside me haha. But Continue reading

My Updated Skin Pamper Routine

Hi guys, so today I thought I’d walk you through my pamper routine that I do once a week usually on Friday or Sunday Nights. I make sure to give my skin this full on treatment coz after a long week of stress and exposure to the pollution and sun, god knows my skin needs it.

This isnt a full review for each product but if you want one for any of the products, lemme know. Its basically an extended evening skincare routine full of masks and all that good stuff so lets get into Continue reading

Review: Origins Face Masks

Face mask is definitely one of my favorite part of skincare because it gives my skin a great detox or an intensive hydration depending on my needs. I have quite a few face masks and these two are the ones that I find myself reaching for the most and they’re both from Continue reading