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Video: Simple Everyday Makeup Routine


Another simple makeup routine video for you guys . I applied foundation off camera as usual coz it’s very simple just dab dab dab it on and I also did my brows¬†before filming. So yah! Hope you like it. xx



My Top YouTube Channels!

YouTube is like my TV. I all hail YouTube, I have never gone a day without going on YouTube. I watch YouTube so much and I think everyone else should too hahah. Of course for me, beauty related videos are the only ones im obsessed with to the extend that I feel like I know some of the YouTubers personally wahaha. dream on

I’m here today to share with you some of the greatest beauty channels on YouTube that I’m subscribed to and overly obsessed with so that you can fill in your free time when you’re getting ready, or just simply when you’re in an awkward situation and have your phone with you just go on YouTube and you’ll be sucked in and won’t feel so awkward anymore hahaha.

These are in no particular order Continue reading